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Welcome to Ruma Verma Psychotherapy For Individuals and Couples

Psychotherapy is a process of thriving instead of merely surviving.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and struggling with different life situations? Do you want a positive personal change that helps you overcome your issues?

At times, we all need support when we cannot cope - or manage - you're not alone.

Transactional Analysis is a highly accessible form of integrative psychotherapy that helps encourage transformative change and personal growth with greater awareness, insight, and empowerment.

Counselling & Psychotherapy for Individuals (18+) & Couples

I’m Ruma Verma, a fully qualified UKCP-accredited professional psychotherapist based in Twickenham in South West London and borders Surrey, close to Richmond, Hounslow, Feltham, Isleworth, Ealing, Barnes, Sheen, and Putney.

With over fifteen years of experience, I offer online psychotherapy sessions for individuals (18+) and couples on a wide range of issues.

I speak Asian languages, Hindi and Punjabi, and my specialist areas of interest include cultural identity, belonging, and displacement indentureship experiences, intergenerational trauma and alienation and intersectional experiences of marginalisation.

I also accept insurance referrals.

My Approach

I work in-depth in open-ended sessions or longer-term therapy - as in my experience provides more symptom relief as well as the ability to effect long lasting change. I can also work with a shorter term focus mindful of what goals you wish to achieve, symptom relief and feeling heard.

Transactional Analysis (TA) incorporates different models and concepts to understand your experience with the critical concept, the belief that we can all change. Psychotherapy can help us in profound ways, not only in solving immediate issues but also in transforming the way we think, feel, and behave. It can unlock our potential by improving our relationships with ourselves and with others.

During lockdown it became necessary to adapt sessions to be given online. I completed the UKCP guidance for working online. I have found that this is an effective and rewarding way to have sessions. There is a different quality of attention with online working. It is very focused and practical. It is accessible wherever you maybe so long as you have privacy and a decent broadband connection. It allows you to accommodate sessions into your own lifestyle and environment which can help you feel more able to be in psychotherapy.

What issues can Psychotherapy help with?

As a UKCP psychotherapist I am trained to work with a variety of issues and those issues listed are not exhaustive.





Loss & Grief

Sadness & emptiness

Panic attacks

Communication & Conflict management

Autism, ADHD, ADD

Anger issues


Identity issues

Sadness & emptiness

Separation & divorce

Cultural Differences

Chronic illness

Borderline PD

Relationship & Family issues

Sexual abuse

Life transitions

Low self-esteem

Sessions & Fees

I provide online counselling and psychotherapy. I am based in Twickenham, South West London and close to Surrey, near to Richmond, Hounslow, Feltham, Isleworth, Ealing, Barnes, Sheen, and Putney.

Sessions last 50 minutes for both individuals and couples via a secure Zoom link. This is a convenient way to undergo counselling and psychotherapy at your own pace in the comfort of your private space.

Individual (18+) psychotherapy costs £75.00 and couples psychotherapy costs £105.00.

Get In Touch

Reaching out is the first step. I appreciate how daunting it is but the reason why you find yourself indicates that you are ready even if you feel unsure and apprehensive.

Just fill out the enquiry form, contact me directly on +44 (0) 7555 606736, or email info@rumaverma.com.

I will get back to you within 24 hours during work hours.