I work online weekdays, at least once a week.

In addition I am providing one on one additional supervision with an intersectional lens to qualified humanistic and integrative counsellors. Sessions are 50 minutes in length and offered at a discounted rate for the period we agree to work together whilst I complete my supervision diploma.

Supervision is not just about what happens in work, it is also about how this affects you. It is time with an independent professional to have a ‘safe’ place to help deal with the impact of the work. A skilled supervisor will help you recognise the times when it’s difficult to leave work at the front door! A supervisor can help you recognise the crossover between personal and professional life and what you may need to keep an eye on, so that you don’t become overwhelmed, burnt out or traumatised by the work. They can help you see when the work is starting to get to you, and as we all know, early intervention is really important when it comes to our wellbeing.

Many of those working in helping/caring roles that I support, find the supervisory space really useful to ‘put the work down’, and we all need to do that.

I see supervision as a safe space to discuss client work. I use the formative, normative restorative model to help us uncover what is happening and make sense of the process. We all have blind spots so having someone by your side is important.

I believe that supervision can be helpful for you to manage the impact of your work as well.

I suggest that the individual seeking therapy contacts me for confidentiality reasons.

My current fee is £60 for an individual session and £90 for couples. From April 2022 my charges will be £65 individual and £95 couples.

The session length is 50 minutes long in either case.

I will provide my bank details for an online transfer. You can choose to pay on a weekly basis before your session or monthly in advance at the beginning of the month just please let me know which suits you.

I start and finish sessions on time.

On initial contact by phone or email, please let me know if you would wish to work via phone or online Zoom.

If it is by Zoom, each week I will send you an email with a link to our meeting, you will click on the link at your appointed time or if you prefer I can send you a recurring link.

If you leave me a voicemail message I will reply as soon as I can usually within 24 hours during Monday to Friday.

All messages left are entirely confidential and only accessible by me.

Based in TW2,Twickenham

Nearby locations, Twickenham, Whitton, Isleworth, Brentford, Ealing, Feltham, Hounslow, St Margaret’s, Strawberry Hill, Teddington and Richmond.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below, or send a message using the form.

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