Couples therapy

About Couples Therapy

Good relationships are essential to us as human beings but can become stuck and challenging to navigate!

Whilst all relationships will experience, ups and downs sometimes the difficulties become more entrenched and we can get stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

I do not take sides or lay blame on one or the other. It can be extremely beneficial to have a trained, impartial therapist to help you communicate and understand each other better without resorting to unhelpful stuck relating patterns. It is an opportunity to be heard and seen by the other and to understand how this impacts the other person in the relationship.

My role is to observe what I see the relationship needs and what I consider is hindering the couple to facilitate the ability to understand each other and to develop a more useful way of communicating and relating.

I offer a safe, supportive and appropriately challenging environment to explore your relational difficulties and the hidden dynamics in your relationships. Helping all parties to understand their unconscious and subconscious behaviours and how these can influence all their relationships can help facilitate understanding of yourself and others, break unhelpful patterns of relating and lead to permanent change.

I am experienced in working with same sex couples and also a couple maybe two people in a family who are experiencing issues. You can engage at any point in your relationship so not only when things go wrong but when you start to see patterns and want to explore them or when there are conflicts.

Provided both parties want to engage I am happy to set up the appointment with one.

Initial Session

This session is charged at my standard rate and for us to see if I can be of use to you. If we decide this is not for you then there is no further commitment.

If we do decide to work together in this is the committed space we will uncover where the relationship has gotten stuck. I will invite you to tell me how you experienced speaking about yourselves and what ends up in the bickering or the argumentative phase.

You will learn how to listen to each other and to effectively communicate what you want and need from your partner.
We will agree on the number of sessions after the initial one usually six on a weekly basis at the same day and time.

My fees

I will provide my bank details for an online transfer. You can pay on a weekly basis before your session.

£ 105
  • Couples Session
  • 50 mins
  • Zoom Session
  • Payment in advance of the session on a weekly basis

Cancellation Policy

Sessions are weekly on the same day and time each week. 

This gives you the assurance that I have time and space to work with you. 

If you can’t attend a session please advise me as soon as possible in advance of the session.

I will always try to find an alternative session time however if this is not possible sessions not attended will be charged at my usual fee.

If you work shift work, please get in touch and we can arrange a schedule that fits your lifestyle.


Information you share with me remains private and confidential. There are some exceptions to this rule and if I needed to break confidentiality at any time I would discuss this with you first.

I abide by the UKCP and European Association of Transactional Analysis (EATA) code of ethics.

I regularly discuss my work with my clinical supervisors. This is standard practice and to ensure that my work is effective. No identifying information is ever shared, and my supervisor is bound by the same code of ethics that I am.

I am a registered provider with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced”

~ James Baldwin

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